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Threads Receives Another Much-Anticipated Feature from Meta

Threads Receives Another Much-Anticipated Feature from Meta

Since its official introduction by Meta, Threads, the social app, has witnessed a notable decrease in its user base. While this is not entirely unexpected for a new platform, the challenge lies in retaining users after such an exodus. Unfortunately, for Threads, the situation has been further compounded by the absence of key features that rival platforms have long established. However, the silver lining is that Threads is actively addressing these concerns, consistently rolling out new features, promising a dynamic user experience for its dedicated community.

At first glance, some of the recent feature additions might appear inconspicuous. Yet, it is important to recognize that these functionalities are pivotal for a social app to thrive and provide a comprehensive user experience. Threads’ commitment to regular updates indicates a dedication to enhancing the platform’s utility and appeal.

Introducing Multiple Profile Switching

The latest addition to Threads’ repertoire of features is the ability to seamlessly switch between multiple profiles. This feature has been eagerly anticipated and is now available on the mobile platform, as confirmed by the official Threads account.

To switch between profiles, users can simply tap the profile tab, prompting a menu to display a list of their logged-in accounts. From here, users can effortlessly select the desired account for immediate access.

Furthermore, users have the option to add a new profile to Threads or log in with a different account. The platform retains user credentials, ensuring a smooth transition between profiles.

The Web Version Unveiled

Threads recently expanded its accessibility by launching a web version of its app. This development opens up new avenues for users to engage with the platform, offering a more versatile experience.

In the coming weeks, Threads is poised to introduce a highly anticipated feature that has remained exclusive to select platforms like X (formerly Twitter): the ability to edit posts. While an exact timeline for this addition remains uncertain, it holds the potential to entice previous users back to the platform.


Threads’ journey in the realm of social media has been marked by challenges, but its commitment to continuous improvement is a beacon of hope for its community. With each new feature, the platform takes a step towards offering a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience. As the promise of post editing looms on the horizon, Threads may very well regain the favor of those who once called it home. Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving social app.

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