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iPhone 15: Leaked Images Reveal New Eco-Fiber Leather Cases in Multiple Colors

iPhone 15: Leaked Images Reveal New Eco-Fiber Leather Cases in Multiple Colors

On a certain date, an individual known as Kosutami, who has a history of leaking rare Apple prototypes and products, shared an image purportedly showcasing the upcoming iPhone 15 Series’ new cases. These cases, available in ten different colors, are described as “Eco-fiber Leather Cases with MagSafe.” Additionally, it is noted that the same material is being utilized for a new Apple Watch band.

The freshly revealed cases boast rubber-wrapped bezels, slightly darker than the primary color of the case. This leak suggests that Apple intends to offer the iPhone 15 cases in a variety of colors, including Black, Mulberry, Taupe, Evergreen, Pacific Blue, Wisteria, Antique White, Butter Yellow, Orange, and Pink.

While Kosutami mentions these cases as “FineWoven,” it remains uncertain whether this name will be the final choice, as the marketing team may decide to make alterations. Speculation regarding Apple’s shift from leather cases to Eco-fiber Leather has been circulating online for some time.

The confirmation of this change should come soon, as the iPhone 15 Series is expected to be unveiled at Apple’s Wonderlust event on September 12th. In addition to the potential material change, the next-generation iPhones are rumored to adopt a USB-C charging port instead of the Lightning port and replace the Mute switch with a more customizable Action button.

The iPhone 15 series is also rumored to introduce several new colors, including Black (possibly referred to as Midnight), light green, yellow, light pink, and light blue for the standard models. Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max versions are anticipated to be available in Titan Gray, black, silver, and a distinctive dark blue option.

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