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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Rumors: Titanium Frame, Upgraded Camera, and More

Samsung S23 Ultra

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is still months away from an official announcement, leaksters are already getting their details out on what Samsung’s next flagship phone might bring. The latest bit of info comes from notable leaker Yogesh Brar, whose specs largely match up with previous rumors about the S24 Ultra.

Frame and Weight

According to Brar, the S24 Ultra will likely follow Apple’s lead and use a titanium frame instead of aluminum like in the S23 series. However, this change is not expected to have a major impact on weight – the S24 Ultra is rumored to weigh 233g, just 1g lighter than its predecessor. The iPhone 14 Pros are expected to have more noticeable weight savings since they are moving from heavier stainless steel to titanium.


There were rumors that Samsung would bring back its Exynos processor for the S24 series, but Brar claims the S24 Ultra will stick with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip – presumably the “for Galaxy” version optimized for Samsung. The standard S24 and S24+ models may use Exynos, however.


The S24 Ultra display will measure 6.8” diagonally and use a QHD+ AMOLED panel with LTPO technology as expected. Rumors suggest it may switch to a flat design compared to the S23 Ultra’s curved display. The screen is said to offer a brightness over 2,200 nits, a boost over the S23’s 1,750 nits. However, bezels are reported to be quite chunky.

Samsung S23 Ultra
June Wan/ZDNET


Major changes are rumored for the rear camera setup. This includes a huge jump to a 200MP main sensor (an HP25X model) which will still measure 1/1.3” in size. It adds improved autofocus and 4-in-1/16-in-1 pixel binning. The 3x telephoto is also getting upgraded with a new 50MP sensor (1/2.52”, 0.7μm pixels before binning), a big step up from the 10MP telephoto camera on the S23 Ultra. The other cameras like the 12MP ultra wide, 10MP periscope, and 12MP selfie cam are not expected to change.

Battery and Charging

Contrary to some rumors of 65W charging, it seems the S24 Ultra will retain the 5,000 mAh battery of its predecessor and stick with 45W wired charging speeds. Of course, the S24 Ultra is still months away from an official announcement, so early rumors may not be fully reliable just yet. But this gives an idea of what Samsung’s next flagship phone might offer when it arrives in 2023.

  1. A little disappointed that fast charging seems to be staying at 45W. I was hoping they’d finally jump to something like 65W. The iPhone 14 Pro models can hit those speeds now.

  2. Yeah faster charging would be great to see. Though I’m not too surprised they’re playing it safe – don’t want to risk overheating issues and battery degradation. Maybe the S25 will finally get a boost. At least 45W is still decently quick.

  3. Not thrilled about going back to a flat display. I really liked the curved edges on the S22 Ultra and S23 Ultra. It looks premium and feels great swiping in from the edges. Oh well, we’ll see how it looks when launch comes.

  4. I see where you’re coming from, but I don’t mind the flat display making a return. Curved screens look slick, but they also are more prone to accidental touches for me. And flat tends to be better for screen protectors. Tradeoffs I guess!

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