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ChatGPT Just Got More Human-Like Ways to Interact

ChatGPT Just Got More Human-Like Ways to Interact

The hugely popular AI chatbot ChatGPT just got some major upgrades to how users can interact with it. Announced by OpenAI, ChatGPT now has voice conversation abilities and can understand images you show it. This takes it beyond just typing text at a bot!

With the new voice features, you can have back-and-forth discussions with ChatGPT, with the AI responding in one of five different voice options. The company Whisper provides the speech recognition to turn your words into text that ChatGPT can process.

The image features allow you to get ChatGPT’s take on any graphs, photos, or visuals you want to analyze. It uses advanced AI models to reason about what’s in the images. You could have it critique a photo, explain a data visualize or even look at a meal picture and help you recreate the recipe!

These upgrades make ChatGPT much more lifelike and useful in day-to-day situations. But OpenAI is cautiously rolling them out bit by bit to avoid safety issues. The voices were designed with actors to prevent misuse, and the image tech was rigorously tested.

For now, only select users will experience the new voice and image capabilities. But if all goes well, they could expand to make ChatGPT an even more interactive and omnipresent AI assistant! The future is coming fast.

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