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Soon, WhatsApp will enable its users to send messages that can only be viewed once.

WhatsApp is working on a feature that allows users to send messages that can only be viewed once from within the app.

This feature is being tested by a community of beta testers through the Google Play Beta Program and will be included in a future update for the WhatsApp beta for Android.

A view once text message will disappear from the conversation after being opened by the recipient and cannot be read again.

How It Works.

This feature functions in a similar way to the view once video and photo features, with some slight differences.

A new button with a lock symbol will appear next to the chat bar, and users can activate the view once text feature by clicking on this button.

Activating the view once text feature will give the message a limited viewing opportunity, similar to the view once features for photos and videos. This can be useful for sharing sensitive or important information.

Although WhatsApp messages are already encrypted, some users may still share information by taking screenshots. The view once text feature prevents the message from being shared, forwarded, or copied, and also blocks screenshots. It also deletes the message from the recipient’s phone after it is viewed for added privacy.

The layout of this feature may change before its official release, but it is expected to function similarly to how it does in its current development stage.

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