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Xiaomi Redmi 12 vs Redmi 12c: Which One Should You Buy?

redmi 12c

Xiaomi’s latest smartphone has certain enviable qualities that are actually worth the price. From spectacular camera to body shape and size, we can say the two phones are enviable choices to make. However, we have to see if we can make a better choice between the Redmi 12 and the Redmi 12c.

Release Date and Price

Redmi 12c

These two phones have different capabilities and the extent of their performance is determined by their price range. The phones are made to fulfill different consumers’ needs. So, if you’re reading this, you have to understand which is the best choice to make when going for any of the two low-range android devices.

The Redmi 12c was released on the first of January this year while the Redmi 12 joined the market by June 15 this same year. While several capable devices were released during the short gap between the release of both phones, the Redmi 12c still holds better capabilities and can boast of them in the mobile market.

The Xiaomi Redmi 12c can be obtained at Amazon for as low as $120. (Click on [Amazon] to check it out). Alternatively, the Xiaomi Redmi 12 is not available on Amazon, but you can obtain it at eBay. (Click on [eBay] to check it out).

Camera and Video

The two Redmi masterpieces come with a 50MP main camera capable of taking enviable photos and captivating videos, but the Redmi 12 takes over with its 8MP ultrawide and 2MP macro cameras, giving professional photographers something to play with. They both have same recording capabilities, each recording videos up to 1080p at 30 fps, a feature that is only found in phones that are worth the price.

The selfie camera of the Redmi 12 reaches 8MP while the Redmi 12c stops at 5MP. Also, they can both record videos up to 1080p at 30fps just like their rear camera.

Processor and Performance

While Xiaomi makes use of Mediatek Helio processors on both phones, the Redmi 12c uses a G85 processor and the Redmi 12 comes in with a G88 processor. While the Mediatek core processor can’t really make much difference when being used to play less demanding games, an upgrade is what the Redmi 12 is to the Redmi 12c in terms of core and processor.

Design and Features

The Redmi 12c has its fingerprint sensor situated at the back, while the Redmi 12 makes use of a side-mounted fingerprint.

The Redmi 12c uses a microUSB charging port while the Redmi 12 uses a Type-C charging port. Also, this is not really a specifically beneficial advantage.

While the Xiaomi Redmi 12c appears in Graphite Gray, Lavender Purple, Mint Green and Ocean Blue, the Redmi 12 comes in Midnight Black, Sky Blue and Polar Silver.

The charging speeds of both models vary, but they aren’t the fastest in town. The Redmi 12c comes with a normal 10 watts charger while the Redmi 12 comes with an 18 watts charger, making another constant difference between the two.

Finally, one enviable property of both Xiaomi models is the body. The Xiaomi Redmi 12c dimensions are 168.8 × 76.4 × 8.8 mm. Also, the Redmi 12 becomes a reduced value compared to the Redmi 12c as its dimensions are 168.6 × 76.3 × 8.2 mm. The Redmi 12c only has a glass screen and a plastic back like a normal low-range smartphone would. The Redmi 12 differs as it has glass front, plastic frame and glass back to make a quality difference from the Redmi 12c.


While both phones are worth the price, they are not the best phones you can ever get. So, it is advisable for you to see the reason behind purchasing that phone without considering unnecessary benefits.

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