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WhatsApp now lets iPhone users use picture-in-picture mode during video calls.


Meta has started releasing a significant update for WhatsApp on iOS. As reported by 9to5Mac this week, WhatsApp version 23.3.77 has finally added support for picture-in-picture during video calls, which has been a highly requested feature by Meta’s chat app users on iOS. The company started testing this feature towards the end of last year, as mentioned by The Verge.


Similar to PiP modes on other platforms, WhatsApp will shrink the video call when you switch to a different app, allowing you to work on other tasks while still having a view of the person you are communicating with via the service. If PiP is not available right away, Meta assures its users that the feature and other enhancements that come with WhatsApp’s latest update will be released “in the coming weeks.”

Apart from PiP support, WhatsApp 23.3.77 also allows you to put captions on documents that you send over the app. Furthermore, Meta has made adjustments to group chat settings to enable longer subjects and descriptions to help give a more accurate idea of what your chat groups are for. Lastly, there is a new feature that allows you to create an avatar for use as your profile photo and stickers.


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