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Threads web version launches after long wait

The web version of Threads is finally here

After teasing its release earlier this week, Meta has finally launched the web version of Threads, its Twitter competitor. Now, instead of having to use the app, Threads can be accessed fully via web browsers. Many users have been frustrated by the lack of a web version until now, as it made browsing feeds, posting, and logging in impossible without the app.

With engagement declining since its initial launch, the missing web version has been seen as a major obstacle for Threads. While Mark Zuckerberg and Adam Mosseri have promised a web version was a priority, Mosseri recently said there were still bugs being worked out.

Now that the web version has launched, it will be interesting to see what other “missing” features Threads adds next. Users have complained about the lack of content search and hashtags to help discover new content.

One feature that likely won’t be added anytime soon is direct messaging, as Mosseri is reluctant to add another messaging platform. However, he did confirm post editing is in the works, so Threads users won’t have to wait over a decade for an edit feature like on Twitter.

  1. As a Threads power user, I’m thrilled the web version is finally here! The lack of web access has been a huge pain point, so this update is long overdue. I’m curious to see if more casual users start flocking to Threads now that accessibility is improved. Still waiting on that post edit feature, but the web launch is a major step forward!

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