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Microsoft Finds Way to Make AI Models Forget

Microsoft Finds Way to Make AI Models Forget

Researchers at Microsoft have recently introduced an innovative technique for selectively removing specific knowledge from large language models (LLMs). Published on, this method tackles a key challenge of using copyrighted content during LLM training and offers a promising solution for adapting these models without full retraining.

Efficient and Targeted Forgetting
LLMs like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Meta’s LLAMA, and Anthropic’s Claude have attracted attention for their exceptional text generation abilities, which rely on training datasets that may contain copyrighted materials. The ability to customize these models by erasing certain information has been an ongoing concern.

The Microsoft team, Ronen Eldan and Mark Russinovich, put forth an elegant three-part approach to approximate unlearning in LLMs. Strikingly, they demonstrate erasing all Harry Potter knowledge in just one GPU hour of fine-tuning, exhibiting high efficiency. This is a major step toward more adaptable, responsive LLMs.

A 3-Step Technique for Forgetting
This technique diverges from conventional machine learning focused on accumulating knowledge without straightforward unlearning mechanisms. The key steps are:

  1. Identifying Relevant Tokens: The model is first trained on the target data (Harry Potter books). It identifies tokens strongly linked to this data by comparing predictions to a baseline model. This pinpoints knowledge to erase.
  2. Substituting Unique Expressions: Next, unique Harry Potter expressions are replaced with generic versions to mirror predictions of a model without that training data. This substitution enables knowledge erasure.
  3. Fine-Tuning for Forgetting: Finally, the baseline model is fine-tuned using the alternative predictions. This erases the original text when given Harry Potter context, enabling the model to “forget.”

Assessing the Results
Eldan and Russinovich thoroughly tested their approach using 300 generated prompts and analyzed token probabilities. Critically, after only one hour of fine-tuning, the model could essentially forget the Harry Potter narratives. Moreover, this erasure minimally impacted performance on benchmarks like ARC, BoolQ and Winogrande.

Looking Ahead
While promising, further research is needed to refine and expand this methodology for broader unlearning applications in LLMs. It may be particularly suited for fictional texts with unique references. As AI systems expand, targeted forgetting abilities are crucial for developing adaptable, responsible LLMs that align with ethical guidelines, societal values and user needs. This work marks an important initial step in that direction.

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