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Gen Z and the power of Apple: Why owning an iPhone is so important for young people


Apple has a reputation for fostering brand loyalty that borders on worrisome. The Cupertino-based firm’s almost cult-like following among younger generations is one of the main reasons why this trend is likely to persist.

In the US, Apple has captured Generation Z and molded their social circles through the iPhone, as per an article in the Financial Times. Those born after 1996 make up more than a third of all iPhone sales in the country. Gen Z spends a disproportionately high amount of time on their phones, giving Apple an unprecedented level of influence. Furthermore, by making it incredibly challenging to exit the Apple ecosystem, the Cupertino company has secured its place atop the tech world for the foreseeable future.

One of the major drivers of Apple’s dominance is iMessage. According to the article, the fear that the green text bubble provokes in American youth translates into social pressure. Not owning an iPhone could lead to exclusion or being perceived as undateable.

Initially, this may seem ambiguous, but it is almost terrifying to think of how much Apple has dominated its users’ lives. This appears to be incredibly lucrative as well. Canalys data cited by the Financial Times shows that for every 100 iPhone units sold, Apple sells 26 iPads, 17 Apple Watches, and 35 pairs of AirPods.

At this stage, it is evident that the Apple ecosystem is one of the primary selling points of the Cupertino company. However, with an entire generation firmly entrenched in it, Apple is likely to do everything in its power to maintain its hold over it.

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