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Apple is currently developing a way to incorporate glucose monitoring technology into the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is widely known for its health-related features, such as monitoring heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleeping time. Apple recognizes the importance of this functionality and is continuously working to improve it by adding more health-related features. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple has achieved significant progress in developing a blood glucose monitoring technology that could eventually be incorporated into the Apple Watch. This technology uses optical absorption spectroscopy to measure glucose levels accurately without needing a blood sample. While the prototype device is still relatively large, Apple is determined to bring glucose monitoring to the market, which could be a game-changer for people with diabetes and related conditions.


Over the past decade, the purpose of the Apple Watch has evolved significantly. Initially designed to be an “iPhone-killer,” the device has also been marketed as a luxury item and now as a health-oriented device. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has suggested that digital health could be the company’s greatest contribution to humanity. It is through the development of such technologies that Apple could make a significant impact on society. Although it will take time, with the company’s vast resources, Apple may well succeed in consolidating its place in history.

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